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BIG : DATA : TRUST New Ideas for Secure Identity Management inspired by Quantum Mechanics

by Dr Manfred Paeschke

3/R-002 - Teacher Training Room (CERN)

3/R-002 - Teacher Training Room


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Dr. Manfred Paeschke works as Chief Visionary Officer for the Bundesdruckerei GmbH. Since 1999, he has been working for the Bundesdruckerei in the innovations field looking for new security concepts. Manfred Paeschke is inventor of over 150 patents and patent applications. He is also coeditor of the eID-Security Handbook. After studying Physics at the University of Rostock (1981-1986), he earned his PhD in 1998 at the University of Kiel.


Dr. Manfred Paeschke, Chief Visionary Officer, Fellow, Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Kommandantenstr. 18, D-10969 Berlin, GERMANY, Email: manfred.paeschke@bdr.de, www.bundesdruckerei.de


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