Frontier Operations Meeting



   - RAL launchpads removed from the sites in AGIS and ALRB, no evident increase of load in the other sites
   - Trying to organize a test with only CERN having active launchpads
      - Among all the possible scenarios the most easy one to implement would be to reconfigure the squids in Lyon and Triumph to redirect the traffic to CERN without caching
      - Dario sent out a request today for the tests and the possible option, Alessandro will reply to him proposing this additional scenario and we’ll try converging on a real plan

- Lyon
   - No changes since the RAL decommissioning, all fine

   - launchpads’ serves now switched off
   - monitoring to be fixed
   - will switch off the servers on Friday
   - the DB streaming and backend will also be turned off
   - a SNOW ticket has been opened by Elizabeth to ask to stop the streaming

   - Changes from the summary pages now in production

- Monitoring
   - frontier1 had problems today with the dns1 and we switched to frontier2, but it’s now back to frontier1
   - ES/Kibana
      - Two more wpad servers monitored: fixes needed on the time zone to correctly monitor them
      - The RAL launchpads are not monitored anymore (since today)
   - Failovers
      - A few fixes on GeoIPs
   - SquidOps
      - High traffic from RALPP (antivirus issues), NERSC, CSCs, Birmingham, Cosenza, …: all solved

- Development
   - Minor changes to the frontier client, not yet released
   - Plans for bigger changes in the frontier client, to support https 1.1 (mostly for CloudFlare, chunk encoding)

Next meeting: Jan 8th

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