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Activities in Barranquilla

Information about the city, activities and places to visit, can be found here (there is an English version of this site).

Barranquilla, "La Puerta de Oro de Colombia", is located on the western bank of the Magdalena River, a few kilometers from its mouth in the Caribbean Sea. It is an air, maritime, fluvial and communications port.

Río Magdalena

Thanks to its average temperature of 28ºC, Barranquilla welcomes you with a pleasant weather during most of the year, exhibiting particularly refreshing winds during the last months of the year


Barranquilla is a city surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, such as "Bocas de Ceniza" and "Puerto Colombia" with its historic dock and its beaches. Other places you would really like to visit include "El Grán Malecón", the "Viejo Prado" neighborhood, the old Aduana Building, the Romantic Museum, the Museum of Modern Art of Barranquilla, the Zoo and the neighboring towns where, through the year, various festivals are celebrated.

Intendencia Fluvial

Barranquilla hosts one of the most important folkloric celebrations in Colombia, and one of the biggest carnivals in the world: the Carnival of Barranquilla, proclaimed a Cultural Masterpiece of the Nation by Colombia's National Congress, and declared as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.