New Histogram Tools

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This meeting will cover some of the latest tools for Histogramming, primarily in Python. We will cover the mpl-hep project, which is planning to add HEP utilities to matplotlib. We will cover the development of boost-histogram, a backend to Python histogram libraries that was developed on top of the new Boost::Histogram C++14 library, along with the development of the first user-focused Python library to be built on it, "hist". We will also cover the Aghast project, which provides a way to facilitate communication between histogram libraries.

Recorded Meeting Video -

    • 17:30 17:50
      mpl-hep 20m

      Additional tools for HEP in matplotlib.

      Speaker: Nick Smith (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))
    • 17:50 18:10
      boost-histogram and hist 20m

      Development of boost-histogram, Python bindings to the new "Boost::Histogram" C++14 library, and hist, the user-focused library on top of boost-histogram.

      Speaker: Henry Fredrick Schreiner (University of Cincinnati (US))
    • 18:10 18:30
      Aghast 20m

      Aghast allows communication between different histogram implementations.

      Speaker: Jim Pivarski (Princeton University)
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