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146th HiLumi WP2 Meeting

6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room (CERN)

6-R-012 - ABP Meeting room


    • 10:00 10:05
      General information 5m
      Speaker: Gianluigi Arduini (CERN)
    • 10:05 10:25
      Stability around Q'=0 and the LHC Damper Instability 20m
      Speaker: Adrian Oeftiger (CERN)
    • 10:25 10:45
      TAXS/TAXN apertures: update 20m
      Speaker: Riccardo De Maria (CERN)
    • 10:45 11:05
      Observations of orbit effects due to long-range beam-beam interactions during injections 20m
      Speaker: Xavier Buffat (CERN)
    • 11:05 11:10
      Round table 5m