Meeting with Dale Gwinnutt (Ningxia) at CERN – 22 March 2019

252/R-018 (CERN)



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Adria Gallifa Terricabras (Universidad de Oviedo (ES)), Ignacio Aviles Santillana (CERN), Marco Garlasche (CERN), Nuria Valverde Alonso (CERN)

The purpose of Mr. Gwinnutt’s visit to CERN is to meet the team involved with materials testing and materials qualification for Crab Cavity project (HL-LHC WP4) and discuss about several topics regarding NbRRR300 and Nb55Ti material

    • 1
      Discussion on Ultrasonic Inspection of Nb and Nb55Ti

      Improvements done by Ningxia with respect to Ultrasonic Inspection procedure and reports.
      Acceptability of Nb-rich inclusions.

      Speakers: Gonzalo Arnau Izquierdo (CERN), Simon Adrian Garner (Ministere des affaires etrangeres et europeennes (FR))
    • 2
      Discussion on mechanical properties (and other properties) of Nb

      Discussion on the last qualification tests of NbRRR300 performed at CERN.
      Replacement of sheet.

    • 3
      Discussion on surface finsih of Nb sheet

      Quick overview of the problematic and how it was improved in the last purchase orders.

    • 4
      Discussion on foreseen invitations to tender for HL-LHC WP4

      Foreseen invitations to tender.
      USA collaboration.
      HOM's and pick up antennas.

      Speakers: Marco Garlasche (CERN), Nuria Valverde Alonso (CERN)
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      Open points / Other projects

      a) Other points of interest, comments or remarks. Colleagues from other projects can join to ask miscellaneous questions.
      b) Other material/ engineering services requirements by CERN that Ninxgia/Elite may be in a position to advise and supply.