WLCG AuthZ Call


Attendees: Andrea, Maarten, Michel, Hannah, Romain 


  • We should start a mapping exercise with a  real storage interface to check that we have all scopes (try WebDav)
  • General advice from OIDF to keep token size below 2kb. For us we can keep them short but are dependent on how the VOs use the tokens.
  • Groups
    • Order of default groups is undefined
    • If you want fine control, should specify individual groups in an order
    • Default groups can be configured for the application (although there will be a baseline for all clients)

Note: pre-GDB Tuesday September 10th on Authorisation (possibly a followup meeting on the Thursday with wider community)


  • @Andrea to draft a table of WebDav methods to begin our scope mapping exercise (to have a look on the 6th of June)
  • @Hannah discover what the 2kb limits are, where the come from (e.g. HTTP Header length)
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