Seminar Talks SoSe 2019

SR7 (C.01.101)

SR7 (C.01.101)

II. Institute of Physics University of Goettingen
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      Ion physics & ion beam-based materials research at Uppsala University

      The presentation will highlight both the available infrastructure at the tandem laboratory as well as ongoing research projects in the ion physics research group at Uppsala University. The existing infrastructure for accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS), ion beam analysis (IBA) and ion beam modification of materials (IBMM) comprises of a 175 keV MICADAS compact radiocarbon dating system, a 5 MV pelletron tandem accelerator with in total 6 beam lines, a 350 kV implanter with 3 beam lines as well as a system for Low-Energy Ion Scattering. The existing infrastructure and its potential for fundamental research and applied studies will be exemplified by research results recently obtained using the available instrumentation. Also, a series of very recent upgrades in instrumentation will be introduced, with a focus on in-situ characterization and multi-method approaches. Examples from applied research comprise of characterization of thin films containing light and heavy constituents as used for hard-coatings and in optical applications, high-resolution depth profiling of light elements such as hydrogen and lithium in energy materials, but also investigations of sensitive materials such as metal-organic frameworks. Furthermore, different results from in-situ studies of materials growth and modification will be shown. Finally, also an overview of the ongoing fundamental studies of ion-solid interaction will be presented, with a focus on lower ion energies.

      Speaker: Daniel Primetzhofer (Uppsala University)