CAS Advisory Board (07/05/2019)

18/3-008 - CLIC Meeting room (CERN)

18/3-008 - CLIC Meeting room


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Hermann Schmickler (CERN)
    • 1
      (Short) summary of the past CAS courses (February 2018 – March 2019) including an financial overview.
    • 2
      Feedback from USPAS visit…in particular proposal to have introductory and advanced CAS courses in the future in parallel (Same time, same hotel)
    • 3
      Generation of a list of countries to visit with CAS courses in the following 2 years
    • 4
      Generation of a prioritized list of topics for the next topical CAS courses
    • 5
      Lunch Break
    • 6
      Discussion on Need and eventually procedure to give university credits for the introductory CAS course
    • 7
      Future involvement of CAS in MOOCs:
      • short presentation of status of MOOCs prepared by the Nordic accelerator school (C.Darve)
      • short presentation of status of MOOCs prepared in ARIES WP2 (N.Delerue)
      • proposal for CAS (= CASopedia)
    • 8
      General discussion on several important issues encountered during the last CAS courses:
      • shrinking number of students?
      • VISA invitation strategy
      • action against late registrations and late payments