GridPP Technical Meeting - New Information System

Virtual Only

Virtual Only

Alastair Dewhurst (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB)) , Andrew McNab (University of Manchester) , David Colling (Imperial College Sci., Tech. & Med. (GB))

Weekly meeting slot for technical topics. We will try and focus on one topic per meeting.  We will announce at the Tuesday Ops meeting if this meeting is going ahead and if so the topic to be discussed.

Comments on slides:
Andy McNab pointed out that there is a version 1.5 of the json schema that is close to being agreed.  This contains a few name changes and therefore sites should wait before creating a new one.
- Alessandra Forti to contact Julia about circulating version 1.5 more widely.
- Steve Jones to request that the information System Evolution Task force create a formal json schema to describe the service.
- Un-assigned : write script to convert arc.conf to json.  At some point could be useful for HTCondor CE etc.
- Alastair Dewhurst (to delegate to apprentice): write script to read json and validate that it is correct
Future Meetings:
- Next meeting on information system in 6 weeks.  We should also discuss the storage reporting at this time.
- Alastair will send out an email regarding arranging a DOME meeting.  Many sites have only recently moved so it would be good to get a bit more experience before presenting.
- BHAM / Manchester need to collect more information before being able to present on XCache.  No current ETA.
- Glasgow to present on Ceph work, July 5th.
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