EM-U #84: How to be an innovator, and fight diseases!

IdeaSquare (CERN)



Map with directions to IdeaSquare here: http://goo.gl/WNSa6P

Innovation is an important part of medicine. Finding and solving unmet clinical needs is what improves the ways doctors diagnose and treat diseases, enabling them to help more and more patients every year.

Forming a medical innovative idea into a product often requires a huge intellectual, organisational and financial effort. How then, do startups and SMEs work with their lack of resources, and how does entrepreneurial thinking enable people to navigate the process of developing and commercializing medical applications? In his talk, Ben answers these questions, he also shares his personal impression of the underlying process and provides real-life experiences on good and not so good practices.

Benjamin Frisch is a medical device enthusiast with over ten years of experience in cutting-edge technological developments that answer unmet clinical needs. Based on his knowledge of different clinical disciplines, medical technologies and regulatory requirements, he contributed to medical device innovation from ideation to product deployment. Benjamin joined CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group in 2018, to promote the transfer of CERN technologies towards medical applications, by fostering collaborations with clinical, industrial and academic partners.

...and of course, afterwards, we will go to Restaurant 1 of CERN to enjoy a round of refreshments and good conversations.

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