WLCG and EGI Operations meeting

31/S-023 (CERN)



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Julia Andreeva (CERN)
Meeting to ensure operations delivery from both organisations (CERN and EGI) is coordinated, notably for common aspects of operations - both day-to-day and future plans.  This is a new regular communications channel between operations management staff, but may include others if necessary.  

Attended: Matt, Maarten, Julia

Discussed topics
- migration status: CREAMCE, DPM/SRM
- BDII next step testing
- URT requirements for product releases
- request for extension of security updates of DPM legacy tools 
- CERN/WLCG future engagement of EOSC (this is probably too high level for us to pursue, but I'd like this topic to be on our radar)
Short summary of the discussion
- DPM upgrade and non-SRM mode
There is a common understanding that many VOs including 3 LHC experiments are not yet ready to work without SRM.
Both EGI and WLCG operations will follow up with the user communities, so that they prepare for non-SRM mode.
Though Julia and Maarten cannot talk on behalf of the DPM team and are not ready to make any official statements, they had a meeting with Oliver and Fabrizio. The need for an adequate level of support not only of DPM with SRM, but also of the SRM client tools, was acknowledged by the DPM team, but there are constraints regarding the effort which currently is available for such support, including security updates. These matters will be brought to the attention of the relevant management.
- CREAM migration
WLCG and EGI can effectively collaborate in this transition, in particular what concerns documentation and troubleshooting experience sharing. WLCG Operations are setting up the WLCG CREAM Migration Task Force, which will be introduced at the WLCG Operations Coordination meeting on the 6th of June. Maarten is suggested to chair the Task Force. The corresponding twiki page is under construction. Julia will forward it to Matt.
WLCG will share info collected via the ongoing site survey with EGI Operations.
- URT requirements for product releases
URT should be used as an official communication channel for any kind of important changes planned for services supported by CERN. This has been mentioned in the discussion with the DPM experts. WLCG Operations will ensure that next time URT is not bypassed/overlooked.
- BDII next step testing
The CRIC team is waiting for the minimum set of parameters which has to be published for the computing services of the sites which intend to stop running their BDII. Julia got a link from Baptiste to the document, will check it. Information generated by CRIC should be published to the EGI message bus.

- CERN/WLCG future engagement with EOSC
For the time being Julia and Maarten are not much involved in EOSC activities. This might change in the future. Clearly, we should re-iterate on this topic later for any operations-related subject.
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