WLCG AuthZ Call


Proposed agenda:

  1. Schema document comments https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cNm4nBl9ELhExwLxswpxLLNTuz8pT38-b_DewEyEWug/edit?usp=sharing 
  2. Specific discussion on implementation of scopes (how they align with e.g. api endpoints) 

Attendees: David C, Linda, Hannah, Mischa, Nicolas, Maarten

Apologies: Romain


  • Discussion regarding how to include default groups, explicitly vs implicitly
    • ordering
    • deduplication of optional vs default groups
    • are default groups required for e.g. accounting?
    • how do we allow the possibility to not use groups and use capabilities instead? If groups are requested, groups are returned. If not, none are. 
  • Group requests via scopes are assumed not to be complicated for client developers 
  • Discussion about compatibility between SciTokens and WLCG Schema. Presumably we will end up with people supporting multiple things.
    • To discuss during September pre-GDB


  • Hannah ask Paul and Brian to give an overview of scopes implementation (ensure Andrea is there) 
  • Hannah to tidy up group request examples, use /production group for simple case
  • Hannah schedule next call 
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