12-13 November 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

In the context of the 10ps Time-of-Flight Positron Emission Tomography (TOFPET) challenge (https://the10ps-challenge.org/), a new class of scintillators needs to be developed. combining the high stopping power and photoelectric cross section of standard scintillators, such as BGO and LSO with the ultrafast scintillation properties of high donor band semi-conductors or quantum confined (multi)-excitonic emission of nanocrystals. 

The development of such high performance multi-material radiation sensing heterostructures has recently received some further support with the first demonstration/measurement of the energy sharing mechanism projected from the absorption of a 511keV gamma ray in such heterostructures. This is an important step stone.  To extend this effort toward the development of more commercially relevant heterostructure PET pixels, we now believe that the establishment of an intersectoral/multidisciplinary community helping to regroup our efforts, define a common strategy, and seek for funding is crucial.

Toward these aims and along this very promising line of research, we would like to discuss during a 2 days’ workshop three primary and scientifically interconnected areas:

·       Heterostructure Design - Simulations and optimization

·       Fast component Development – Performance and technical requirements (density, light yield, scintillation kinetics, transparency, possibility to embed in a host (polymer), production methods and scalability, etc…)

·       Heterostructure Assembly - Integration of the two scintillator components, with a particular focus on the light collection and performance optimization

The workshop will also help to initiate discussions of potential funding mechanisms (EU and other).

This workshop is under invitation only, but you need to register for logistic organisation

People wishing to support the discussion with a  presentation, please submit a short abstract, so that we can prepare a timetable

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