EP Seminar

Positron driven muon source for a muon collider

by Mario Antonelli (INFN), Pantaleo Raimondi (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF))

222/R-001 (CERN)



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Muon beams are customarily obtained via K decays produced in proton interaction on target. In this paper we investigate the possibility to produce low emittance muon beams from electron-positron collisions at centre-of-mass energy just above the μ+ μ production threshold with maxi- mal beam energy asymmetry, corresponding to a positron beam of about 45 GeV interacting on electrons on target. We present the main features of this scheme with possible   performances that could be achieved by a multi-TeV muon collider.

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M. Pepe-Altarelli, G. Unal.......... Refreshments will be served at 10h30

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