Seminar Talks SoSe 2019

SR7 (C.01.101)

SR7 (C.01.101)

II. Institute of Physics University of Goettingen
    • 10:30 AM 11:15 AM
      Inside and Out: Precision Jet Physics in ATLAS Run 2 45m

      Collimated jets of particles are the signature of quarks and gluons with high energy, such as those produced in hadron collisions at CERN's LHC. Despite challenging Run 2 conditions, the precision of the ATLAS jet energy scale measurement has reached the percent-level across a wider kinematic range than ever before. Meanwhile, theoretical advances have also enabled the first calculations of jet substructure beyond leading log accuracy, which have been recently compared to LHC data. In this talk, I will review the ATLAS jet reconstruction and energy scale calibration procedure for small- and large-radius jets, then discuss recent precision measurements of jet substructure performed by ATLAS at sqrt(s)=13 TeV.

      Speaker: Matt LeBlanc (University of Arizona (US))