July 24, 2019
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Idea Circle Dinner Discussion #10:

Communicating across cultures: a science-business partnership



Science and business seem like an odd couple. How could a research institute that believes in open science like CERN benefit from a private entity? Is there compromise that needs to happen? Andrew Purcell, who leads the communications at CERN Openlab, will break down the unlikely nature of private-public partnerships. More generally, he will go into details of managing such collaborations and engaging a business audience from the lens of a science communicator and address some of the main challenges faced.

Through CERN openlab, CERN collaborates with leading tech companies — such as Intel, Oracle, and Siemens — to help accelerate innovation in the computing technologies needed by the worldwide LHC research community. Andrew works with representatives of the companies to ensure communications about our joint R&D projects are engaging, accurate, and align well with CERN’s strategic goals. At the same time, Andrew also works to promote new opportunities for collaboration and to communicate the benefits of such public-private partnerships. This talk should serve as an opportunity to discuss what makes good, practical science communication when dealing with ‘specialisms within specialisms’ and audiences that have their own distinct set of jargon and cultural norms.


About the speaker:

Andrew Purcell:
Andrew is a science communicator who joined CERN in 2012. He first served as editor of an EC/NSF-funded publication called The Science Node (formerly known as International Science Grid This Week). Since late 2015, he has been working as a communications officer for CERN openlab, a public-private partnership that works to accelerate innovation of computing technologies.

Prior to joining CERN, Andrew was a science journalist in London, UK. He worked on the web news desk of New Scientist magazine and freelanced for a range of newspapers and magazines on science-related topics. Andrew completed his MSc in science communication at Imperial College London.



Idea Circle Dinner Discussion Series:

If you are interested in learning more about education, communication and outreach activities at CERN, we have launched a new series of talks specifically targeting CERN personnel looking to improve their communication skills, engage with the public, and network with experts in the field. The lecture and discussion series, named Idea Circle Dinner Discussions, will be held at IdeaSquare every other Wednesday at 18:00. Spaces are limited, so please register today to reserve your seat. (Light dinner and refreshments will be available for registered participants only).

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CERN IdeaSquare (3179-R-D05)
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