PHAROS Conference 2020: The multi-messenger physics and astrophysics of neutron stars

from Monday, March 30, 2020 (2:30 AM) to Friday, April 3, 2020 (6:00 PM)
Porto Rio Hotel, Patras, Greece (Room 1, 2)

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Mar 30, 2020
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Apr 1, 2020
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Apr 3, 2020
9:00 AM
Invited Talks (until 11:00 AM) (Room 1)
9:00 AM A NICER view of neutron stars (Invited) - Prof. Cole Miller (University of Maryland)   ()
9:30 AM Magnetic-field evolution in the presence of superconductivity - Sam Lander (CAMK, Warsaw, Poland)   (Room 1)
10:00 AM How giant magnets shine and slowly fade away (Invited) - Daniele Viganò (Institute of Space Sciences)   (Room 1)
10:30 AM Magnetars and other classes of Isolated neutron stars in X-rays (Invited) - Prof. Zane Silvia (MSSL, University College London )   (Room 1)
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:30 AM
Parallel 1A (until 1:00 PM) (Room 1)
11:30 AM Unified equations of state of cold dense matter in nonaccreted neutron stars - Dr Nicolas Chamel (Université Libre de Bruxelles)   (Room 1)
11:45 AM Studying the Neutron Star Interior in Transient Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries - Dany Page (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)   (Room 1)
12:00 PM Finite temperature equation of state with exotic degrees of freedom - Adriana Raduta (IFIN-HH)   (Room 1)
12:15 PM A new low-density equation of state from an experimental data analysis including in-medium effects - Dr Helena Pais (University of Coimbra)   (Room 1)
12:30 PM Dense Matter Phases inside Neutron Stars: Constraints from Observations - Mr Prasanta Char (INFN Ferrara)   (Room 1)
12:45 PM How model atmospheres help us to investigate neutron star interiors - Dr Valery Suleimanov (Universität TÜbingen)   (Room 1)
11:30 AM
Parallel 1B (until 1:00 PM) (Room 2)
11:30 AM New results on magnetar outbursts: the Galactic center magnetar and other outliers - Dr Nanda Rea (CSIC-IEEC)   (Room 2)
11:45 AM The tireless magnetar - Dr Alice Borghese (Institute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC))   (Room 2)
12:00 PM The formation of “massive” proto-magnetars - Prof. Aloy Miguel Ángel (Universitat de València)   (Room 2)
12:15 PM Complex magnetic field topologies in core-collapse supernovae - Dr Matteo Bugli (CEA -Saclay)   (Room 2)
12:30 PM Numerical models for the amplification and growth of magnetic field in compact objects. - Niccolo' Bucciantini (INAF Arcetri)   (Room 2)
12:45 PM The First Day in the Life of a Magnetar - Dr Sinem Şaşmaz Muş (İstanbul Technical University)   (Room 2)
9:00 AM
Invited Talks (until 11:00 AM) (Room 1)
9:00 AM Kinetic simulations of pulsar magnetospheres (Invited) - Mr Anatoly Spitkovsky (Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University)   (Room 1)
9:30 AM A new look at the high-energy emission in pulsars from kinetic plasma simulations (Invited) - Benoit Cerutti (CNRS & Univ. Grenoble Alpes)   (Room 1)
10:00 AM Probing the interior of transiently accreting neutron stars (Invited) - Dr Nathalie Degenaar (Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy, University of Amsterdam)   (Room 1)
10:30 AM Crust structure and thermal evolution of neutron stars in soft X-ray transients (Invited) - Dr Alexander Potekhin (Ioffe Institute)   (Room 1)
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:30 AM
Parallel 1A (until 1:00 PM) (Room 1)
11:30 AM Hybrid modeling of high-energy emission in pulsars - Dr Ioannis Contopoulos (RCAAM, Academy of Athens)   (Room 1)
11:45 AM How pair pair formation in polar caps fills magnetosphere with plasma, heats NS surface, and generates radio emission. - Dr Andrey Timokhin (University of Zielona Góra)   (Room 1)
12:00 PM Proton acceleration in pulsar magnetospheres - Claire Guepin (University of Maryland College Park)   (Room 1)
12:15 PM Particle-in-cell simulations of pair discharges at pulsar polar caps - Fabio Cruz (Instituto Superior Tecnico)   (Room 1)
12:30 PM A Single spark model for PSR J2144–3933 - Prof. George Melikidze (Janusz Gil Institute of Astronomy, University of Zielona Gora)   (Room 1)
12:45 PM Distortions of polarization angle curve in radio pulsars - Dr Dyks Jarek   (Room 1)
11:30 AM
Parallel 1B (until 1:00 PM) (Room 2)
11:30 AM Model-independent constraints on the superfluidity of superdense nuclear matter from the analysis of the cooling neutron star in Cassiopeia A supernova remnant. - Petr Shternin   (Room 2)
11:45 AM Modeling the cooling phase of proto neutron stars - Aurélien Pascal (Observatoire de Paris)   (Room 2)
12:00 PM Crystallization of the outer crust of non-accreting neutron stars - Anthea Francesca Fantina (GANIL)   (Room 2)
12:15 PM Constraining critical temperature profiles with r-mode instability in neutron stars - Vasiliy Dommes (Ioffe Institute)   (Room 2)
12:30 PM Unified description of magnetar crusts - Ms Yuliya Mutafchieva (Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)   (Room 2)
12:45 PM Deformations of neutron stars with elastic crusts - Fabian Gittins (University of Southampton)   (Room 2)
9:00 AM
Invited Talks (until 11:00 AM) (Room 1)
9:00 AM Neutron star EOS constraints through gravitational-wave observations (Invited) - Prof. Nick Stergioulas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)   (Room 1)
9:30 AM Modelling multimessenger signals from compact binary mergers (Invited) - Albino Perego (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   (Room 1)
10:00 AM Neutron star mergers across the electromagnetic spectrum - ELEONORA TROJA   (Room 1)
10:30 AM Radio emission as a probe for pulsar magnetospheres (Invited) - Dr Patrick Weltevrede (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)   (Room 1)
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:30 AM
Parallel 1A (until 1:00 PM) (Room 1)
11:30 AM Observational updates on accreting millisecond pulsars - Dr Andrea Sanna (University of Cagliari)   (Room 1)
11:45 AM On the torque reversals of accreting neutron stars - Unal Ertan (Sabanci University)   (Room 1)
12:00 PM Do transitional millisecond pulsars power dwarf pulsar wind nebulae? - Dr Alessandro Papitto (INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma)   (Room 1)
12:15 PM Are tMSP Companions Roche-Lobe Filling In Their Pulsar State? - Mr James Stringer (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)   (Room 1)
12:30 PM A successful quest for a transitional pulsar: the case of CXOU J110926.4-650224 - Dr Francesco Coti Zelati (Institute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC))   (Room 1)
12:45 PM Transitional millisecond pulsar binaries during active radio pulsar state - Dr Domitilla de Martino (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte Napoli)   (Room 1)
11:30 AM
Parallel 1B (until 1:00 PM) (Room 2)
11:30 AM Long-duration gravitational wave transients - recent results and future prospects - David Keitel (Universitat de les Illes Balears)   (Room 2)
11:45 AM Recent Results from the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves - Dr Timothy Pennucci (National Radio Astronomy Observatory / Eötvös Loránd University)   (Room 2)
12:00 PM GrailQuest & HERMES: Hunting for Gravitational Wave Electromagnetic Counterparts and Probing Space-Time Quantum Foam - Luciano Burderi (University of Cagliari)   (Room 2)
12:15 PM The Search for Gamma-ray Counterparts to Binary Neutron Star Mergers with Fermi - Cori Fletcher (USRA)   (Room 2)
12:30 PM Understanding GWs from core-collapse supernovae - Dr Pablo Cerdá-Durán (University of Valencia)   (Room 2)
12:45 PM Building mountains on accreting neutron stars - Ian Jones (University of Southampton)   (Room 2)
9:00 AM
Invited Talks (until 11:00 AM) (Room 1)
9:00 AM Superfluidity and Superconductivity in Neutron Stars (Invited) - Prof. Mehmet Ali Alpar (Sabanci University )   (Room 1)
9:30 AM The rotational dynamics of young, isolated pulsars (Invited) - Danai Antonopoulou   (Room 1)
10:00 AM What happened during 2016 Vela glitch? (Invited) - Yuri Levin (Monash University)   (Room 1)
10:30 AM The Fast Radio Burst Phenomenon (Invited Review Talk) - Dr Manisha Caleb (The University of Manchester)   (Room 1)
11:00 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:30 AM
Parallel 1A (until 1:00 PM) (Room 1)
11:30 AM The observed evolution of pulsar rotation on human timescales - Aris Karastergiou (Oxford)   (Room 1)
11:45 AM The glitch size distribution of the Vela pulsar and small pulsar glitches - Cristóbal Espinoza (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)   (Room 1)
12:00 PM The 2016 Vela Glitch and Implications for Neutron Star Structure and Dynamics - Dr Erbil Gügercinoğlu (Sabancı University)   (Room 1)
12:15 PM Core and crust contributions in overshooting glitches: the Vela pulsar 2016 glitch - Mr Alessandro Montoli (Università degli Studi di Milano & INFN)   (Room 1)
12:30 PM High-resolution phase coherent optical timing of the Vela pulsar and PSR J1023+0038 with Aqueye+ and Iqueye - Dr Aleksandr Burtovoi (CISAS - University of Padova, INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Padova)   (Room 1)
12:45 PM Braking indices of the glitching pulsars - Dr Onur Akbal (Sabancı University)   (Room 1)
11:30 AM
Parallel 1B (until 12:45 PM) (Room 2)
11:30 AM Population Synthesis of Young and Millisecond Pulsars from the Galactic Disk - Prof. Peter Gonthier (Hope College)   (Room 2)
11:45 AM The Fast Folding Algorithm for large-scale pulsar surveys - Vincent Morello (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, Manchester)   (Room 2)
12:00 PM First results of reprocessing LOTAAS data with a Fast Folding Algorithm - Mr Bezuidenhout Mechiel (University of Manchester)   (Room 2)
12:15 PM FRBs and other transients with MeerTRAP - Prof. Benjamin Stappers (Benjamin)   (Room 2)
12:30 PM The luminosity-volume test for cosmological fast radio bursts - Michele Ronchi (Institute of Space Science (ICE, CSIC-IEEC), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB))   (Room 2)
9:00 AM
Invited Talks (until 10:30 AM) (Room 1)
9:00 AM Populations of Neutron Stars (Invited) - Dr Lina Levin Preston (University of Manchester)   (Room 1)
9:30 AM The Hadronic Equation of State for Neutron Stars (Invited Review Talk) - Dr Laura Tolos   (Room 1)
10:00 AM Resonant Shattering Flares as Multimessenger Probes of Neutron Star Physics (Invited) - Dr David Tsang (University of Bath)   (Room 1)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM
4 (until 12:30 PM) (Room 1)
11:00 AM The Thousand Pulsar Array programme on MeerKAT - Simon Johnston   (Room 1)
11:15 AM The Third Fermi LAT Pulsar Catalog, 3PC - David Smith (Université de Bordeaux)   (Room 1)
11:30 AM The Arecibo PALFA survey and the observed population of Galactic millisecond pulsars - Émilie Parent   (Room 1)
11:45 AM The CIRADA slow pulsar survey using CHIME - Dr Chia Min Tan (McGill University)   (Room 1)
12:00 PM Finding extragalactic neutron stars through transient searches with EXOD - Inés Pastor-Marazuela (University of Amsterdam)   (Room 1)
12:15 PM The Hellenic Radio telescope - Opportunities for pulsar monitoring - Prof. Nectaria Gizani (Hellenic Open University, School of Science and technology)   (Room 1)
1:00 PM --- Lunch Break ---
2:30 PM
Parallel 2A (until 4:00 PM) (Room 1)
2:30 PM Empirical constraints on the high-density equation of state from multi-messenger observables - Márcio Ferreira (University of Coimbra)   (Room 1)
2:45 PM Bayesian Inference of the Neutron Star Equation of State from Astrophysical Observations - Ms Silvia Traversi (INFN Ferrara)   (Room 1)
3:00 PM Hot-Neutron Rich Nuclear Matter Studied with the BCPM Nuclear Energy Density Functional - Ms Clara Dehman (Institute of Space Science )   (Room 1)
3:15 PM Tidal deformations of hybrid stars with sharp phase transitions and elastic crusts - Dr Jonas Pereira (Nicolaus Copernicus Center)   (Room 1)
3:30 PM Tidal Deformability, Phase Transitions and Stiffness of the Nuclear Equation of State - Mr Jan-Erik Christian (Institut für Theoretische Physik)   (Room 1)
3:45 PM Effect of particle diffusion on damping of neutron star oscillations - Kirill Kraav (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sc)   (Room 1)
2:30 PM
Parallel 2B (until 4:00 PM) (Room 2)
2:30 PM Magnetorotational instability in protoneutron stars: the regime of high magnetic Prandtl numbers - Jerome Guilet (CEA Saclay, Departement d'Astrophysique)   (Room 2)
2:45 PM A global model of the magnetorotational instability in proto-neutron stars - Reboul-Salze Alexis (CEA)   (Room 2)
3:00 PM Magnetar formation through convective dynamo in protoneutron stars - Dr Raphaël Raynaud (CEA)   (Room 2)
3:15 PM Thermal spots and light curves of magnetars: 3D MHD simulations - Andrei Igoshev (University of Leeds)   (Room 2)
3:30 PM X-ray emission from magnetized rotation-powered pulsars - Dr Michela Rigoselli (National Institute for Astrophysics - INAF)   (Room 2)
3:45 PM Magnetic field instabilities in neutron stars - Mr Ankan Sur (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center)   (Room 2)
4:00 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:30 PM
Parallel 3A (until 6:00 PM) (Room 1)
4:30 PM Crystalline condensates in compact stars - Stefano Carignano   (Room 1)
4:45 PM Equation of state of inner crust of neutron stars with finite range Gogny forces - Mr Chiranjib Mondal (University of Barcelona)   (Room 1)
5:00 PM Pasta phases within the QMC and QMC $\omega -\rho$ models - Guilherme Grams (UFSC)   (Room 1)
5:15 PM Second look to the Polyakov loop Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model of quark matter in hybrid stars - Oleksii Ivanytskyi (University of Salamanca)   (Room 1)
5:30 PM Cooling of Hybrid stars - Jinbiao Wei (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   (Room 1)
5:45 PM Dark-matter admixed neutron stars - Dr Violetta Sagun (University of Coimbra)   (Room 1)
4:30 PM
Parallel 3B (until 6:30 PM) (Room 2)
4:30 PM Superconducting phases in a two-component microscale model of neutron star cores - Dr Vanessa Graber (McGill University)   (Room 2)
4:45 PM Simulations of the magnetic field evolution in neutron star cores in the strong-coupling regime - Francisco Castillo Andahur (Universidad Católica de Chille)   (Room 2)
5:00 PM Instability of twisted magnetar magnetospheres - Jens Mahlmann   (Room 2)
5:15 PM Crust-Magnetosphere Feedback - Mr George Chouliaras (Physics Department, University of Patras)   (Room 2)
5:30 PM Current closure through the neutron star crust - Dr Vasileios Karageorgopoulos (University of Patras)   (Room 2)
5:45 PM Axisymmetric equilibrium models for magnetised neutron stars in Scalar-Tensor Theories - Jacopo Soldateschi (Università di Firenze)   (Room 2)
6:00 PM Perturbation to a magnetic neutron star with shear modulus - Mr Prasanta Bera (University of Southampton)   (Room 2)
6:15 PM The effects of localized heating in the crust of a neutron star - Mr De Grandis Davide (University of Padova)   (Room 2)
6:30 PM --- Reception ---
1:00 PM --- Lunch Break ---
2:30 PM
Parallel 2A (until 4:00 PM) (Room 1)
2:30 PM From Fermi and NICER data to Pulsar Magnetosphere Models - Dr Constantinos Kalapotharakos (UMCP CRESST / NASA GSFC)   (Room 1)
2:45 PM Introducing a novel approach for modelling pulsar light curves together with their spectral energy distribution - Diego F Torres   (Room 1)
3:00 PM Joint radio and X-ray modelling of PSR~J1136+1551 - Jérôme Pétri (Université de Strasbourg)   (Room 1)
3:15 PM Understanding the radio beam of PSR J1136+1551 through its single pulses - Ms Lucy Oswald (University of Oxford)   (Room 1)
3:30 PM Very cool gamma-ray pulsar J1957+5033 - Dr Dmitry Zyuzin (Ioffe Institute)   (Room 1)
3:45 PM Some Glimpses of Plasma Process Involved on Modelling of Radio Pulsar's Power spectra - Mr Tridib Roy (Ph.D Student)   (Room 1)
2:30 PM
Parallel 2B (until 4:00 PM) (Room 2)
2:30 PM Partially accreted crusts of neutron stars - Lami Suleiman (Centrum Astronomiczne im Mikolaja Kopermica)   (Room 2)
2:45 PM Thermodynamically consistent equation of state for an accreted crust - Mikhail Gusakov   (Room 2)
3:00 PM The crust of accreting neutron stars within simplified reaction network - Mr Nikolay Shchechilin (Ioffe Institute)   (Room 2)
3:15 PM Carbon burning in the envelopes of neo-neutron stars - Dr Mikhail Beznogov (Instituto de Astronomía, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)   (Room 2)
3:30 PM Super-Massive Neutron Stars and Compact Binary Millisecond Pulsars - Dr Manuel Linares (UPC & IEEC)   (Room 2)
3:45 PM Accretion-induced collapse to third family compact stars as trigger for eccentric orbits of millisecond pulsars in binaries - David Edwin Alvarez Castillo (JINR)   (Room 2)
4:00 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:30 PM
Parallel 3A (until 6:00 PM) (Room 1)
4:30 PM Subpulse Drifting in Pulsar Radio emission - Dr Rahul Basu (Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics)   (Room 1)
4:45 PM Intermittent Pulsars and their ON/OFF Transitions - Mr Ali Arda Gencali (Sabancı University)   (Room 1)
5:00 PM Estimation of Absolute Emission Altitude of Multi-component Pulsars - Mr Pavankumar Kadaladi (PhD student, Indian Institute of Astrophysics)   (Room 1)
5:15 PM Investigating the multi-component emission of RRAT J1819-1458 - Dr Mateusz Malenta (The University of Manchester)   (Room 1)
5:30 PM Mullti-frequency observations of single pulse properties of two bright pulsars. - Dr Wojciech Lewandowski (Janusz Gil Institute of Astronomy, University of Zielona Gora)   (Room 1)
5:45 PM On the estimation of realistic growth rates for Langmuir instability in Pulsar plasma - Mr Sk Minhajur Rahaman (NCRA-TIFR, India)   (Room 1)
4:30 PM
Parallel 3B (until 6:00 PM) (Room 2)
4:30 PM Predicting Broadband Emission from Millisecond Pulsar Binaries - Dr Zorawar Wadiasingh (NASA GSFC)   (Room 2)
4:45 PM Radio pulsations from the *Fermi*-LAT source 3FGL J2039.6-5618 - Dr Alessandro Corongiu   (Room 2)
5:00 PM The Variable Redback PSR J2039-5617 - Colin Clark   (Room 2)
5:15 PM Does the black widow PSR J1555-2908 have an additional planetary companion? - Lars Nieder   (Room 2)
5:30 PM The Magnetic Field Structure of Pulsating Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources - Mr Brice Nabil (University College London)   (Room 2)
5:45 PM Common–Envelope Episodes that lead to Double Neutron Star formation - Dr Alejandro Vigna Gomez (DARK, Niels Bohr Institute)   (Room 2)
1:00 PM --- Lunch Break ---
2:30 PM
Parallel 2A (until 4:00 PM) (Room 1)
2:30 PM Is there a pulsar wind nebula or a disk around RX J0806.4-4123? - Dr Bettina Posselt (University of Oxford)   (Room 1)
2:45 PM An HD numerical model of the G21.5-0.9 Pulsar Wind Nebula - Barbara Olmi (National Institute for Astrophysics - INAF)   (Room 1)
3:00 PM Discovery of subsecond jet variability in an accreting neutron star - Dr Federico Vincentelli (University of Southampton)   (Room 1)
3:15 PM Dramatic spectral changes at very low luminosity state of X-ray pulsars - Alexander Mushtukov (Leiden Observatory)   (Room 1)
3:30 PM The puzzling NS LMXB 1RXS J180408.9-342058 in intermediate state - Alessio Marino (National Institute for Astrophysics - INAF)   (Room 1)
3:45 PM Investigation of emission and variability behavior of accreting neutron star LMXB 4U 1724-30 - Manoneeta Chakraborty (Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IIT Indore))   (Room 1)
2:30 PM
Parallel 2B (until 4:00 PM) (Room 2)
2:30 PM Distinguishing double neutron star from neutron star-black hole binaries with gravitational wave observations - Margherita Fasano (Dipartimento di Fisica, Sapienza Universit`a di Roma & Sezione INFN Roma1, P.A. Moro 5, 00185, Roma, Italy)   (Room 2)
2:45 PM BSN mergers with microscopic equations of state - Antonio Figura   (Room 2)
3:00 PM Using a realistic equation of state in neutron star post-merger simulations. - Danat Issa (Northwestern University)   (Room 2)
3:15 PM Probing binary neutron star merger components and remnant using isentropic equations of state - Prof. Debades Bandyopadhyay   (Room 2)
3:30 PM Post-Merger Magnetic Field Geometries and their Effect on Long-Term Afterglows - Mr Aretaios Lalakos (Northwestern University (CIERA))   (Room 2)
3:45 PM The contribution of r-process heating on the dynamics of ejecta in binary neutron star mergers - Dr Federico Guercilena (IKP - T.U. Darmstadt)   (Room 2)
4:00 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:30 PM
Parallel 3A (until 6:15 PM) (Room 1)
4:30 PM Towards an accurate description of an accretion induced collapse and the associated ejected mass - Amir Sharon   (Room 1)
4:45 PM Measuring mass of neutron star in LMXBs using QPO observations - Martin Urbanec   (Room 1)
5:00 PM Assessing orbital parameters of binary pulsars produced by kick velocity - Ali Taani (Al-Balqa Applied University)   (Room 1)
5:15 PM Spectral analysis of the quiescent low-mass X-ray binary in the globular cluster M30 - Ms Constanza Echiburú   (Room 1)
5:30 PM Ultraviolet pulsed emission from an accreting millisecond pulsar during its outburst - Arianna Miraval Zanon (INAF- Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, University of Insubria)   (Room 1)
5:45 PM Simulations of stellar winds from X-ray bursts: Characterization of solutions and observable variables. - Yago Herrera (Departament de Física, EEBE, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.)   (Room 1)
6:00 PM Unusually long thermonuclear bursts from neutron stars - Jérôme Chenevez (Technical University of Denmark (DTU))   (Room 1)
4:30 PM
Parallel 3B (until 6:15 PM) (Room 2)
4:30 PM New neutron star solutions in tensor-multi-scalar theories - Stoytcho Yazadjiev   (Room 2)
4:45 PM Scalarized neutron stars with a massive scalar field – astrophysical implications - Dr Daniela Doneva (University of Tuebingen)   (Room 2)
5:00 PM Radiation Transport in First-Principles Simulations of Merger Remnant Accretion Disks - Ms Beverly Lowell (Northwestern University (CIERA))   (Room 2)
5:15 PM Rotating neutron stars with non-barotropic thermal profile - Giovanni Camelio (Stockholm University)   (Room 2)
5:30 PM Fast Rotating Relativistic Stars: Spectra and Stability without Approximation - Dr Christian Krueger (University of Tuebingen)   (Room 2)
5:45 PM Gravitational-wave-driven tidal secular instability in neutron star binaries - Pantelis Pnigouras (University of Southampton)   (Room 2)
6:00 PM Cracking and convective stability of self-gravitating anisotropic polytropic spheres in general relativity - Mr Daniel Suárez (Universidad Industrial de Santander)   (Room 2)
7:00 PM --- Conference Dinner ---
1:00 PM --- Lunch Break ---
2:30 PM
Parallel 2A (until 4:15 PM) (Room 1)
2:30 PM Observational signatures of superfluid neutron star turbulence - Brynmor Haskell (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Polish Academy of Sciences)   (Room 1)
2:45 PM The impact of glitches on the rotational evolution of young pulsars - Marcus Lower (Swinburne University of Technology)   (Room 1)
3:00 PM Vortex pinning in the superfluid core of neutron stars and the rise of pulsar glitches - Aurélien Sourie   (Room 1)
3:15 PM Vortex dynamics in neutron stars - Dr Marco Antonelli (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Centre)   (Room 1)
3:30 PM Quantum vortices in ultracold atomic gases and in neutron stars: similarities and differences - Prof. Gabriel Wlazłowski (Warsaw University of Technology)   (Room 1)
3:45 PM Modeling superfluidity in neutron stars with Brussels-Montreal functionals - Dr Daniel Pęcak (Warsaw University of Technology)   (Room 1)
4:00 PM Universality of the relativistic correction to glitch rise-times - Lorenzo Gavassino   (Room 1)
2:30 PM
Parallel 2B (until 4:00 PM) (Room 2)
2:30 PM High Performance Computing in High-energy Astrophysics: the case of the Pulsating Ultra Luminous X-ray sources (PULXs) - Guillermo Andres Rodriguez Castillo (National Institute for Astrophysics - INAF)   (Room 2)
2:45 PM A FAST study of the slowest pulsar - Mr Crispin Agar (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)   (Room 2)
3:00 PM A resistive extension for GRMHD - Mr Alex Wright (University of Southampton)   (Room 2)
3:15 PM Spritz: a new fully general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics code - Jay Vijay Kalinani   (Room 2)
3:30 PM Gravitational dynamics of relativistic binary pulsar systems - Dr Vivek Venkatraman Krishnan (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy)   (Room 2)
3:45 PM General-relativistic corrections to pulsar radio and high-energy emission - Quentin Giraud (Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg)   (Room 2)
4:15 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:30 PM
MC Meeting (until 5:00 PM) (Room 2)
4:30 PM
Parallel 3A (until 5:00 PM) (Room 1)
4:30 PM Understanding the long-term spin evolution of young radio pulsars. - Aditya Parthasarathy (Swinburne University of Technology)   (Room 1)
4:45 PM Transient gravitational waves from pulsar post-glitch relaxations - Mr Garvin Yim (University of Southampton)   (Room 1)
5:00 PM
Poster Session (until 6:00 PM) (Room 1)
12:30 PM
Closing remarks - Prizes (until 1:30 PM) (Room 1)