IT-protoDUNE coordination (Single Phase and Double Phase)

31/S-028 (CERN)



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Xavier Espinal Curull (CERN)
Coordination: JIRA, Minutes, etc.

Room: Xavi, Ignacio, Gavin McCance, Romain Wartel, Vincent Brillaud

Remote: Steven Timm, Denis Pugnere, Stuart Fuess

Round Table

gLexec to Singularity

Summary: At the time of the beginning of the ProtoDUNE collaboration gLexec was the recommended way to go, but in the meantime a document has been produced with the recommendation of using Singularity for privilege separation. The main issue is that gLexec was also taking care of traceability which now with Singularity has to be taken care of by the VO.

Retention policies for this logs are at CERN of 400 days. WLCG standard for non-CERN sites will be doubled to 180 days.

ST: First kind of logs is not a problem to extend to 400 days. For the second type we use a plugin to output the logs.

G: The plugin is still not available in the current CE version. Will probably get there with the next version deployed.

ST: Each job log is 150Kb

R: Do you need to keep the full logs for security reasons? Too much data will make not usable for analysis

X: We should know the actual level of compliance of CMS. If they are currently compliant the volume of data of ProtoDUNE will be much smaller so there should not be any problem regarding data volumes.

S: I think the relevant data we can keep with our current approach (Note: approach validated and approved by Romain, Vincent and Gavin)

NP04 detector plans for Q4

S: Space reclaimed on EOS

  • Brookhaven data model workshop for Dune happening next week
    • Databases, DAQ, Schemas, Processing...
  • Work in federated identity

NP02 detector plans for Q4

D: We will start the shifters and data taking next week approx (19th Aug). Finishing procedures for the shifters and producing documentation. Issues with the shifter account were solved (ticket mentioned in previous meetings).


Tentative date for next meeting: 12th September



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    • 3:00 PM 3:05 PM
      Coordination update 5m
      Speaker: Xavier Espinal Curull (CERN)
    • 3:20 PM 4:00 PM
      Round-table 40m
      • DUNE access Tier-0 resources: gLexec to Singularity (RQF1298573)
      • NP04 detector plans for Q4
      • NP02 detector plans for Q4
      • Resources
      • Status CERN-FTS and RUCIO for NP04
      Speaker: All