Summer Student Lecture Programme General

Share your summer student story **Year Book and World map of 2019 summer students**


Hello there, 

Would you like to share a photo from the summer, a special moment or your story? Tell us your experience and we will create an interactive map similar to the one from 2018

To get some inspiration on what to write or share with us, please check Kathryn's and Diyaselis's story, who were our summer students in 2018. The information you share with us here, will be displayed in a similar format. 

Please do not hesitate to share as much or as little as you wish: a photo, a story or both are welcome.

We hope you enjoyed your time here, and will take home many many beautiful moments, a lot of joy, and a great experience!

Thank you for your help. And remember, your story and your experience at CERN matters ;) 

Wishing you a lovely day,

Adriana, Ana and Eszter