Hadron-Hadron & Cosmic-Ray Interactions at multi-TeV Energies

ECT* Trento

ECT* Trento

David d'Enterria (ICC-UB & ICREA) , Ralph Engel (Karlsruhe) , Torbjorn Sjostrand (Lund)
The aim of the workshop is to discuss theoretical and experimental issues connected to hadronic interactions of common interest for high-energy particle and cosmic-ray physics. Recent cosmic-ray results from the HiRes and Auger experiments and the expected first LHC data in p-p collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV will be discussed. The workshop plans to bring together experts, both theorists and experimentalists, in QCD and cosmic-ray physics in view of expanding the mutually beneficial interface between two communities currently exploring the physics of strong interactions at the highest energies accessible.