MSSM neutral Higgs meeting



Georg Weiglein (DESY), Markus Warsinsky (Physikalisches Institut, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg), Michael Spira (PSI), Monica Vazquez Acosta (Imperial College London)
EVO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: LHC Higgs: MSSM neutral Higgs Description: Kick-off meeting of the MSSM neutral Higgs group Community: Universe - Meeting URL - Phone Bridge ID: 1625451
    • 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
      Kick-off discussion 1h
      Speaker: All

      Tasks for Freiburg

      - The most important cross sections for producing neutral MSSM Higgs
         bosons are gg,qq -> bb + phi (radiation off a b quark, particularly
         important for large tan_beta), gg -> phi (gluon fusion) and
         WBF (weak boson fusion). To a lesser extent, tt phi production and
         W phi production (Higgsstrahlung) can play a role. Furthermore, in the
         MSSM there can be additional production modes that are not present in
         the SM, like Higgs production in the decay of supersymmetric

         For Freiburg, the aim is to start producing numbers (at least) for
         gg -> phi and gg,qq -> bb + phi.

      - Numbers shall be generated as grids for the scalar and pseudoscalar
         processes (HIGLU: tt, bb, tb separately) for later interpolation.
         Grid spacing: 80-200 GeV with steps of 5 GeV
                    200-1000 GeV with steps of 20 GeV

      - Pure QCD corrections can be included in the grids.
         Genuine SUSY-QCD corrections depend on the MSSM scenario.
         Electroweak corrections are not available for MSSM Higgs bosons in
         gluon fusion and bremsstrahlung.
         Alternative numbers for bb -> phi will be generated in the SM
         at NNLO QCD and in the MSSM including NLO QCD and NLO electroweak
         corrections (--> need to contact Alexander Mueck to get numbers
         from him).

      - The aim is (to be discussed at Freiburg and carried on afterwards)
         is to investigate how to make best use of the available results for
         the SM in order to arrive at the most reliable predictions for the
         MSSM. This will involve also comparisons of different MSSM codes
         for Higgs masses, etc.

      - PDFs: MSTW2008 (there is a private copy of 4-flavour PDFs)
                The values of alpha_s are to be adjusted to these PDFs.

      - MSSM scenario: start with MHmax scenario, then probably consider
                        the no-mixing scenario next.
                        tan(beta) in the range 5-60 (exact range can be
                        decided later)

      - Energy: 7 TeV

      - masses and other parameters were discussed and the discussed values happened to coincide with those published on the SM input parameters twiki page.

      - Higgs mass calculations and branching ratios should be generated in
          collaboration with the BRs subgroup.