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Piet de Visser: Dino DBA goes Dev-Ops

513/1-024 (CERN)



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As a PL/SQL person, Database-Specialist, or even as DBA you will be asked to join a DevOps team and use some of the Agile methods. When this happens, you will have to absorb new knowledge and work-habits. But you will also have to educate your colleagues on what is possible and impossible at the database level. A lot of the DevOps items you come across will give you a Deja-Vue, so you may as well be prepared. We will try to give some guidelines, and point out a few embarrassing mistakes we made in these situations.


Piet is an experienced Database Consultant and DBA specialising in Oracle databases, High-Availability and troubleshooting.
He is in IT since 1987, works with Oracle databases since 1994.
Independent since 2013, he now looks for short-term or part-time consulting assignments. Piet combines technical knowledge with experience in global organisations. His energetic personality, curiosity and language-skills make him ideal for pioneering projects or troubleshooting IT problems in a multi-national environment. Piet also invests a lot of effort in maintaining a network of Like-Minded Oracle specialists worldwide and is a regular speaker at international user group events and symposia. Oh, and Piet has a preference for Simple solutions.