EM-U #92: How serial entrepreneur Andreas Adamides plan to scale CatchApp

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At this Entrepreneurship Meet-up Andreas Adamides will talk about how to move from having a working minimum viable product to starting to build a base of users, talking about what activities a founder should focus on, when you should start growing, and what his strategy is for growing his current start-up. 

Serial Entrepreneur Andreas Adamides started by setting up Australias first online department store, he was CCO of a company that was acquired by Fitbit, set up an online-only B2C TV-brand in the UK and is now is planning to scale his calendar planning app CatchApp this fall. 

CatchApp has recently secured seed funding and is about to scale, hoping to revolutionize the way we plan meetings by making email ping-pong obsolete. Join the meet-up to talk to a founder in the process of scaling his company and pick his brain on how your idea could grow! 


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