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DOMA-QoS 2019-10-28


Laurent Duflot.
Martin Barisits,
Oliver Keeble,
Mario Lassnig,
Paul Millar


  • Meeting times
  • Events
  • CHEP talk
  • White paper

Meeting time

We will have a doodle poll for a new time slot.  This will allow US colleagues to express their availability.

For the WLCG-experiment consolations, we will schedule extraordinary meetings to be as flexible as possible, allowing as many of the experiment members to participate.

We plan to have a tech. exchange meeting as a pre-GDB meeting in January (13/14) and use that opportunity to publicise the Doodle poll.

White paper

Mario will circulate a link to another white paper, to allow those not familiar with writing a white-paper what it should look like.

Aim to have the white paper finish in time for CHEP.

"Finished" means that the document is a coherent document, that describes all aspects (we can think of) about QoS.  This will form the basis for the experiment meetings/discussions.  The outcome of those discussions will (very likely) result in further changes to the white-paper.  After all the interviews have taken place, we will have a complete white-paper.


Technology exchange meeting, as a pre-GDB meeting.  Involving: Rucio, CERN/EOS, /dCache, RAL, MAS, ...

Paul to email Ian Collier to request that the January pre-GDB meeting is reserved for us.

CHEP talk

Mario has uploaded Oliver's talk into Google as an initial starting point.

The Agenda slide was created during the meeting, with input from everyone.  This will form the basis for the presentation.

Mario is flying off on Tuesday morning (2019-10-29), arriving in Australia on Wednesday (2019-10-30) during the Austrian day-time.  He arrives first in Perth, then travelling to Adelaide for CHEP.


2019-11-18 10:30 CET

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