ISOLDE Seminar

Frederico Sanchez: "Neutrino oscillations and the nucleus: energy reconstruction and cross-sections."


Neutrino flavour transmutation are one of the most exciting results provided by particle physics during the last years. This is the first and only indication so far that neutrinos have mass. The neutrino oscillation is also a mechanism providing CP violation in the lepton sector similar to the quark sector. Current and future neutrino oscillation experiments rely on the neutrino production and detection in the range from 500 MeV/c to few GeV/c where neutrinos interact primordially with the target nuclei.  The reconstruction of the neutrino energy is a critical element in the experiments due to the techniques to produce neutrinos. The energy reconstruction depends strongly on the neutrino-nucleus cross-sections and in the modelling of the nucleus.  In this talk, we will describe the experimental methods and their relation to the neutrino-nucleus cross-section. We concentrate also o the models used by the experiments, their limitations and possible future improvements envisaged by the community.