CSU Summer Student Computing/Analysis Training 2020

Bingxuan Liu (Argonne National Laboratory (US)) , Gabriel Palacino (Indiana University (US)) , Samuel Ross Meehan (CERN) , Yongsheng Gao (California State University (US))

How to make a new contribution :

  • Go to "Edit" by clicking the little pencil at the top of the page On the left side of the page, click on "Timetable".
  • This will show the full timetable for this entire event, with the current day coming up by default.
  • On the right side, click "Add New" and then "Contribution". Fill this in with the name of your talk and you as a contributor, and then you save.
  • You then need to go back to the ordinary indico page via "Switch to display view", and you can then see your new contribution and upload your slides.

How to record a session :

  • The directions to do this are linked just below these guidelines.  Follow the link to the google slides.