EP-ESE Electronics Seminars

Design and characterisation of the CLICTD monolithic pixel detector chip

by Iraklis Kremastiotis (CERN)

13/2-005 (CERN)



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The CLIC Tracker Detector (CLICTD) is a monolithic pixel detector ASIC that has been designed in the framework of the silicon tracker development for CLIC. The chip has been fabricated in a modified 180 nm CMOS imaging process with charge collection with a small n-well on top of a high-resistivity p-type epitaxial layer. A segmented detector channel architecture is featured, where each of the 300*30 μm^2 detector channels is divided into eight sub-pixels in order to maintain both a fast charge collection and a small detector capacitance. In the on-channel digital logic, a simultaneous time and energy measurement is performed.

An overview of the chip design will be presented, along with results from measurements performed in the laboratory and with particle beams.


Topic: EP-ESE-seminar-2020

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