CERN openlab/Intel remote session on oneAPI

Guillermo Izquierdo Moreno (Universidad de Oviedo (ES)), Miguel Fontes Medeiros (CERN), Luca Atzori (CERN)

We will have a remote session concerning Intel oneAPI, which consists on a unified programming model to simplify development across diverse architectures (CPU, GPU, FPGA).

So far, the list of invited people includes:

  • Cédric Andreolli, Senior Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel France
  • Igor Vorobtsov, Senior Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Germany
  • Klaus-Dieter Oertel, Senior Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Germany

Cédric Andreolli started as application engineer at Intel in 2012 optimizing Oil and Gas workloads for several HPC customers. Cédric was involved in the development and the promotion of the Roofline Model at Intel. He moved to the technical consulting team in 2016 where his focus are Advisor, Vtune and compilers supporting EMEA customers in France, UK, Israel, Switzerland  and Germany. Cédric has a Master degree in computer science.

Igor Vorobtsov has more than 11 years of experience in the areas of C/C++ and Fortran compilers, application tuning and developer support. Igor got a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. Since joining Intel in 2008, Igor has worked as a Technical Consulting Engineer supporting software developers throughout EMEA region. Igor has a broad array of application experience, including enterprise applications and high performance computing environments.

Klaus-Dieter Oertel has more than 30 years of experience in High Performance Computing as an application and software engineer. He has a Diploma degree in Mathematics. Since 2010, his focus has been on technical consulting for Intel HPC tools, supporting EMEA customers in using parallelization at all levels: distributed MPI processes, threading, vectorization. Klaus-Dieter is the lead TCE for CERN and has a long-standing relationship with openlab.




  • Abdeslem Djaoui
  • Abdulla Mohamed
  • Adam Abed Abud
  • Ahmad Siar Hesam
  • Alaettin Serhan Mete
  • Andrea Bocci
  • Andy Chappell
  • António Paulo
  • Calin Bira
  • David Chamont
  • David Lange
  • David Smith
  • Dener De Souza Lemos
  • Diego Figueiredo
  • Dinyar Rabady
  • Dirk Duellmann
  • Engin Eren
  • Enrico Gamberini
  • Erik Wallin
  • Fabio Luchetti
  • Florian Matthias Rehm
  • Fons Rademakers
  • Frank Winklmeier
  • Gerard Melgares
  • Guilherme Amadio
  • Hadrien Benjamin Grasland
  • Hamza Javed
  • Hamza Javed
  • Ishank Arora
  • Jaroslav Guenther
  • Jefferson Fialho Coelho
  • Jennifer Ngadiuba
  • Jorn Schumacher
  • Julien Collet
  • Konstantinos Iliakis
  • Laurence Field
  • Luca Atzori
  • Marc Aynés i Rulló
  • Marco Rossi
  • Marco Rovere
  • Maria Girone
  • Mark Donszelmann
  • Markus Elsing
  • Markus Schulz
  • Matti Kortelainen
  • Michal Kamil Simon
  • Miguel Fontes Medeiros
  • Nikolaos Segkos
  • Olga Datskova
  • Paolo Durante
  • Paris Moschovakos
  • Predrag Buncic
  • Remi Ete
  • Riccardo Maria Bianchi
  • Rogerio Iope
  • Roland Sipos
  • Rosen Matev
  • Sebastian Lopienski
  • Sebastiano Schifano
  • Sitong An
  • Stefan Roiser
  • Stephen Nicholas Swatman
  • Stewart Martin-Haugh
  • Tulay Cuhadar Donszelmann
  • Viktor Khristenko
  • Vincenzo Eduardo Padulano
  • Vincenzo Innocente
  • Vladimir Loncar
  • Xavier Pla
  • Yiming Abulaiti
CERN openlab/Intel Survey for oneAPI Workshop in 2021