6 February 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Next milestones

6 Feb 2020, 14:30
600/R-001 (CERN)



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  • 31 January milestone
    • Review of outstanding items and close the milestone
    • Review of issues raised by Julien
  • CTA v1.0-4 next week to complete recall test
  • Write Stress Test -> CTA v1.1 (24 February)
    • Backpressure
    • Do we need multi-hop for this? To be checked with Cédric Serfon.
    • XRootD v4.11.2 for TPC proxy delegation transfers
  • Integration test with ATLAS Online (2 March)
  • One week "cool off" period with no writes to CASTOR, to ensure all files have made it to tape and to check that no further data is being written
  • ATLAS goes into production (provisionally 16 March, need to check this does not clash with ATLAS TDAQ milestone tests)

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