Physics really is Rock’n’Roll: the worlds of music and celebrity as a channel for science outreach



Now entering their fifth year, the Festival Program and the Special Guest program at CERN have grown since their inception in 2016. Music is the common denominator in each: the Science Pavilions at Music Festivals last year reached over 20’000 people and one post on social media from a major music star can reach millions of people. In each case the audience is often initially disinterested in or disengaged with science. We will talk about both programs, their successes and difficulties.


About the speakers:

Connie Potter
Connie Potter is a CERN Staff Member since a long time. Having worked in many different departments at CERN, the last 20 years she has been working in administration and conference and event organization for the ATLAS experiment. Presently her time is shared between ATLAS and the IR ECO section.

Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas is a technician from Iowa State University who is Logistics Manager for the Festival Program and involved from the very first Festival. Each festival brings its own challenges which Chris will briefly cover. 


Idea Circle Dinner Discussion Series:

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