IML Machine Learning Working Group

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Zoom only


Agenda under development. If you like to present, please contact .  

Meeting will be by video only on Zoom.

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    • 15:00 15:05
      News 5m
      Speakers: Andrea Wulzer (CERN and EPFL) , David Rousseau (LAL-Orsay, FR) , Gian Michele Innocenti (CERN) , Lorenzo Moneta (CERN) , Loukas Gouskos (CERN) , Paul Seyfert (CERN) , Riccardo Torre (CERN)
    • 15:05 15:25
      "ML for Theoretical Theory", with String/QFT applications of ML 20m
      Speaker: Fabian Ruhle (CERN)
    • 15:25 15:45
      Learning the latent structure of collider events 20m


      Speaker: Dr Barry Dillon (Jozef Stefan Institute)