LHC Seminar

The LHC as a photon collider with the ATLAS detector

by Oldrich Kepka (Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ))

Video only (CERN)

Video only



Abstract: Photon fusion is a rare and interesting process at proton and ion colliders, involving purely electroweak interactions and allowing precision tests of the gauge structure of the Standard Model. Experimentally it has a remarkably clean signature with little (if any) remnant activity from the interacting beam particles, although this signature is very difficult to identify in the harsh experimental conditions at the LHC. In this seminar, recent ATLAS photon fusion results are presented: the observation of photo-produced weak-boson pair-production, cross-section measurement of lepton pair production with proton tagging in the ATLAS Forward Proton Spectrometer, and studies of light-by-light scattering. 


Organized by

Michelangelo Mangano, Monica Pepe-Altarelli and Guillaume Unal.

There is a live webcast for this event