Seminar on Precision Physics and Fundamental Symmetries

Coherent Control of Rotating Ion Strings: Towards Observing Quantum Statistics in a New Regime

by Hartmut Häffner (UC Berkeley )


Typically, the bosonic or fermionic nature of indistinguishable particles is either relevant at atomic scales or when the wavefunctions of two particles overlaps. Two ions in an ion string, however, are always separated by several micrometers making it natural to identify them am individual particles. In order to demonstrate that the two ions may need to be treated as the same, we plan to interfere an ion string with itself rotated by 180 degrees. In view of this goal, I will discuss how to prepare quantum states of ion strings with angular momentum of  10,000 quanta. The fast rotation allows for coherent control of the rotational degree-of-freedom making it possible to interfere the ion string with its rotated version.



Organized by

Stefan Ulmer