Theory Colloquium

Two tales of baryogengesis

by Hitoshi Murayama (University of California Berkeley (US))

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How did we evade the complete annihilation?  The origin of our atomic matter has been one of the major puzzles in modern cosmology, called the baryon asymmetry.  There have been two major paradigms for the explanation: leptogenesis tied to the origin of neutrino mass at very high energy scales, and electroweak baryogenesis at the energy scale reachable by various experiments.  Even though leptogenesis should have happened at energy scales well beyond the experimental reach, I point out that the gravitational waves from cosmic string network is a likely consequence detectable at future missions.  On the other hand, the electroweak baryogenesis is too detectable and may be already excluded by the recent measurements of electric dipole moments of neutrons and atoms.  I discuss a way to “hide” electroweak baryogenesis to the dark sector which also produces an asymmetric dark matter at the same time.  It is still completely viable phenomenologically, yet predicts many experimental signatures for forthcoming experiments.

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