Training Planning Meeting


Meeting 2020-04-06

Present: Dan Katz, Graeme Stewart, Kilian Lieret, Samuel Meehan, Sudhir Malik

Training Modules

  • Moved repositories for H tau tau analysis and for CI/CD to our github organization

  • Make sure that newcomers to the github organization find their way (update descriptions of repositories/ of the organization; perhaps link to web pages)

Virtual training

  • Plan to use Zoom for the meeting

  • Half day (4h session, lecture like using webpage + terminal; HSF Training CI/CD module) + half day (everyone tuning in at the same time; all mentors are there and each tutor a subset of the students in the Zoom breakout feature to help debug/solve problems)

  • 4pm to 8pm Tuesday april 28th

  • Prerequisite: Students should already have seen the Htautau repository



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    • 3:30 PM 4:00 PM
      Discussion 30m