HonexComb meeting #4

53/R-044 (CERN)



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Participants: around 17
• Mateusz:
    • proposal for a new measurements outlined in  arXiv:2002.05503
    • Statistics limited measurement that would profit from combination, could be done from the start
    • Is there anything that can be done with LHCb? => looks like not, because cross-section is higher at mid-rapidity
    • Is there anything that can be done with ALICE? => Maybe, the pt-reach is lower, to be seen
    • Regarding the exclusive photo nuclear background, are there other possible background sources? => Yes, Upsilon is only an example. They should however all be reducible with extra cleaning.
     • How realistic is it to reach 1% sys uncertainty? => The 5% value for Run2 data is more likely, but 1% is the ultimate goal. There are also non-negligible theory uncertainties.
     • What is the main reason not to consider fully hadronic tau decays? => Difficult to trigger, maybe possible for continuous readout in ALICE.
     • Is it possible to measure this in other collision systems (p-Pb)? => Not really.


We might switch to ZOOM for the next meeting (May 26th) due to issues experienced with vidyo for some people.

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      Speakers: Alexander Philipp Kalweit (CERN), Giulia Manca (Universita` degli studi di Cagliari and INFN, Cagliari, IT), Iwona Grabowska-Bold (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL)), Raphael Granier De Cassagnac (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
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      Anomalous electromagnetic moments of τ lepton in γγ → τ+τ− reaction in Pb+Pb collisions at the LHC
      Speaker: Mateusz Dyndal (CERN)