AIDA-2020 Final Annual meeting - WP5


David Cussans (DC) gave an introduction and expressed a hope that discussion would include consideration of how the tools developed in AIDA-2020 would be used until the start of AIDAinnova

DC gave an outline of plans for the AIDA-2020 TLU ( firmware bug fixes, hardware bug fixes ) and some ideas for an AIDAinnova TLU.

DC asked if there was any strong reason to stay with HDMI connectors for the DUT interface. Those at the meeting said that a different, more robust, connector was acceptable.

Lennart Huth (LH) talked about plans for maintenance of EUDAQ at DESY and a production of AIDA-2020 TLUs once the latest design was verified. Anybody interested in a TLU is invited to contact LH. Active support for EUDAQ 1.X at DESY will stop in 2021

Andre Rummler(AR) gave an overview of beam telescopes in operation with EUDAQ and EUDET or AIDA TLUs. It is encouraging to note that the EUDAQ/TLU combination will remain a standard.

Jens Kruger gave a talk about use of Mimosa + Timepix telescope with EUDAQ data acquisition and Corryvreckan reconstruction. Use of Corryvreckan allows multiple triggers per Mimosa frame.

From discussion it seems that Corryvreckan will take over from EUtelescope as the reconstruction software of choice for new team-telescope users. This is also bourne out from discussions at BTTB8

Jiri K. presented a short summary of EUDAQ, TLU and online monitoring from the Calice AHCAL perspective. EUDAQ continues to be the run control and DAQ framework of choice

Roman P. presented new work on ECAL readout, and plans for integration with EUDAQ

Menqing Wu presented results from the Lycoris silicon strip tracker that uses EUDAQ and AIDA-2020. The Lycoris tracker is an excellent example of AIDA-2020 tools being used in practice. Lycoris is now ready for use as a general tool at DESY.



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