Large Scale Project Management

by Agnar Johansen (SINTEF) , Dr Jan Alexander Langlo (SINTEF) , Markus Nordberg (CERN)

40/S2-B01 - Salle Bohr (CERN)

40/S2-B01 - Salle Bohr


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Communication and management in mega-projects:

Presentation of studies and research at the Norwegian Centre for Project management on off-shore oil platform engineering projects as well as other large scale projects. Their research focus on project management, risk management, scheduling and communication aspects. Benchmarks have been done of many projects to identify best practices and success factors. These projects are compared with LHC experiments, what can we learn from each other?

Workshop agenda:

10:30 Mega-projects - seen by the Norwegian Centre for Project Management - Dr. J.A. Langlo and A. Johansen , SINTEF.

11:15 Atlas project sociology: The Atlas project, as seen by outsiders and insiders - M. Nordberg, CERN.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion.

The Norwegian Centre for Project management is hosted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim which actively collaborates with CERN for student projects.

Please note the unusual time: 10:30 and place: 40-S2-B01!

Organized by

Nils Høimyr