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      Discussion 1h

      1) Practicalities: Do we wish to go ahead with an Implications workshop in 2020 in principle? Nominal dates would be 28-30 October. If so, should it be fully virtual or a hybrid of in-person and virtual? Or if not, we can skip a year and resume in 2021.

      [If yes, discussion below applies to Implications 2020; if no, it applies to the next iteration.]

      2) Goals of workshop: what are we trying to achieve?
        + General issue: Implications is too conference-like, does not stimulate discussion
        + General issue: Absence of results and updates new at the workshop

      3) What changes to the format and practices would help achieve those goals?
        + Focus on individual analyses/areas rather than covering everything? Speakers encouraged to give their own perspective/opinion?
        + What can we show/discuss from analyses in progress?
        + Pedagogical theory talks beforehand?
        + Other ideas? More radical changes to format?

      4) Steps needed to prepare those changes.

      4) If going ahead in 2020: process to recruit people to implement them (e.g. convenors of sessions).

      5) Committee membership: does everyone wish to continue? Do we need to add members?