CTA deployment meeting

600/R-001 (CERN)



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Michael Davis (CERN)
    • 10:30 10:40
      • ALICE have not told us what they want to recall or the revised schedule for the reprocessing campaign.
      • Can we repurpose the eosctaalicero instance for doing our own tests in the meantime?
    • 10:40 11:00
      Putting EOSCTAATLAS into production 20m
      • Date for going to production: after SFO/EOS stress tests (25 May)
      • Status of FTS "file safely on tape" feature
      • Disk layout for production
      • Set timetable, then list/prioritize what should be done before P-Day.
      • Operational issues: how to handle tickets, rota, etc.
    • 11:00 11:10
      Testing EOS Tape Features 10m

      We need to address the following problems:

      • EOS developers cannot test tape features
      • EOS regression testing of features we rely on
      • Functionality deployed in production which is not part of CI (e.g. converting recalled files from single-replica to RAIN)
    • 11:10 11:15
      AOB 5m
      • Update on X-Section communication