WLCG Operations Coordination



Julia Andreeva (CERN)

WLCG Operations coordination twiki

    • 3:30 PM 3:45 PM
      CERN ORACLE outage followup 15m
    • 3:45 PM 4:15 PM
      WLCG Critical Services review followup 30m
    • 4:15 PM 4:45 PM
      SAM questionnaire 30m
      Speaker: Borja Garrido Bear (CERN)


      • Thanks for the feedback in the twiki, we are processing it and already providing fixes for functionality that might be missing with respect to the old "current" infrastructure.
        • On top we are meeting with interested parties to understand better the feedback
        • Several things have been taken as improvements that we will work on, but are not seeing as blockers
        • We expect to provide answers to it by the GDB meeting in July
      • We also encourage people to report issues using the dashboard via SNOW (cern.ch/monit-support)


      • Draft reports are going to be sent today from the new and old infrastructure
      • We have prepared a document with the biggest differences to help understanding (see attachments)
      • Please take a look to both reports and submit any doubt or feedback to cern.ch/monit-support
    • 4:45 PM 5:15 PM
      Round table 30m