EMI Security Workshop




The EMI Security Workshop will take place on

25th May 14:00 to 18:00: Building 32, 1st Floor, Room A24 (32-1-A24) and

26th May 9:00 to 12:00: Building 31, 3rd Floor, Room 004 (31-3-04) .


We are pleased to announce, in conjunction with the EMI Kick-off meeting, the Security Workshop on 25/26th May.
We hope to have representatives from each of ARC, gLite and UNICORE present to be able to comment on these subjects and provide an authorized position in order to make the first decisions in the Security task.
This workshop is the first milestone of the EMI JRA1 and will cover the following subjects (from the EMI Description of Work):
- The removal of GSI for replacement by SSL/TLS. For this subject it will be necessary to confirm and tabulate the components that are still dependent on GSI and which will benefit from this standardization. This includes non-security components.
For the removal of GSI for replacement by SSL/TLS we will need input (presentations) from VOMS, Data management and delegation (for job management), also the exposure and plans of relevant ARC components.
- Common authentication libraries. At this stage we should be able to project whether the common library should be X.509 only or include SAML support. The use-cases within each stack must be presented.
Here we need input from a representative of each middleware stack.
- The usage of the SAML-enabled VOMS service within ARC/gLite must be understood and a medium-term plan for possible replacement or coexistence of attribute certificates with SAML made.
Related to the above topic. Presentations from VOMS, job management (gLite and ARC) and the projected standard Authorization system, Argus.
- A review of the Authorization decision mechanisms of all job management systems. A plan for any necessary integration with the common libraries and security tokens made.
Presentations from gLite WMS, CE(s) (gLite and ARC))
 The results of the security workshop will be presented and taken into account in the first deliverable document, Security Area Work Plan and Status Report. This document will present the status of the security infrastructures and components, the integration plan and a work plan for the first year of the project as requested in the Evaluation Report.
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* A dinner is organised on 27 May at Auberge Communale de Satigny. For registration, go to the EMI Kick-off Meeting event page.

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  • Aleksandr Konstantinov
  • Andrea Ceccanti
  • Cecchi Marco
  • Christoph Witzig
  • Daniel Kouril
  • John White White
  • Krzysztof Benedyczak
  • Linda Cornwall
  • Mattias Ellert
  • Miika Tuisku
  • Oliver Keeble
  • Oscar Koeroo
  • Paolo Andreetto
  • Ricardo Rocha
  • sara bertocco
  • Vincenzo Ciaschini
  • Zsolt Molnár