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Ketevi Adikle Assamagan (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))
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ASP COVID-19 meeting on June 9, 2020

Present: Somiealo, Kossi, Kondwani, Toivo, George and Kétévi.

1) Kétévi will suggest a standard format to collect the data of various countries, to seamlessly switch inputs to the code. In parallel, Kondwani will continue to improve the model for Rwanda, and Toivo to fix his code.

2) We reviewed progress from Kondwani and George and made suggestions for improvement in their modeling.

3) Kétévi presented progress in the modeling of the data of Togo and explained what he did to achieve relative Okay agreement. We then discussed the resulting time-depending reproduction number for Togo. One must make sure the parameters do not go out of their physical bounds even when the fit appear reasonable. Since model parameters have physical meanings related to transmission, recovery and dead rates, one must take care to modifiy them only within the physical bounds. For example, note that θ is typically larger than ε, as a symptomatic individual is more likely to be tested. Check the constraints on the parameters, as described in the sidarthe paper, and modify them only within their physical limits.

4) Somiealo to prepare a google doc for the NRF grant and solicit inputs from the rest of us.

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.