Beam-beam and Luminosity Studies Meeting



Guido Sterbini (CERN) , Yannis Papaphilippou (CERN)

Present (remote connection): Guido, Axel, Ilias, Kostas, Lily, Natalia, Sofia, Stefania, Michele Martino.

Sofia presented the latest results of the UPS measurements in BA7. 

Ilias  asked if the UPS are delivering DC or AC current. Sofia and Guido answered that they provide AC current 230 V. In particular the B9000 model (the one most used for LHC) provide three phases voltage (400/230 V).

Ilias asked about the location of the PC of the machine. Michele answered that the arc power supplies are installed in the UA. 

Sofia presented an update on the tune scan studies of the HL-LHC.

Kostas asked if, in the coupling studies, the axes of the plots refer to the physical tunes (loaded by coupling) or the programmed tune (assuming no coupling). Sofia answered that these are the physical tunes.

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