https://cern.ch/slides - Phoenix integration

by Maria Dimou (CERN)




Invited to participate

Hugo (excused), Giuseppe, Aristofanis, Maria, Diogo, Kuba (absent).

Purpose of this meeting

Phoenix integration is a prerequisite for https://cern.ch/slides to be adopted at CERN.

This meeting is held to make a plan for achieving this integration real soon now.

Information documented so far in:

  1. The process written by Aristofanis. Is it still correct and complete? If yes, what now?
  2. The high-level description of the process in Aristofanis's thesis. Please go to page 20 and see the graph. Is it still valid? If yes, what now?

Discussion so far takes place in this mattermost private channel, which includes Hugo, Giuseppe, Aristofanis, Maria, Diogo.



Organized by

Maria Dimou