EP Seminar

Laser experiments at Fermilab to search for exotic particles and new properties of space time

by William Wester (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (USA))

Please note the unusual room : 222-R-001 (CERN)

Please note the unusual room : 222-R-001


The GammeV laser experiments will be described which have already produced results for a search for low mass axion-like scalar and pseudoscalar particles. A modification of the design of the apparatus has allowed for a search for a chameleon particle - a possible particle candidate for dark energy. New results from GammeV-CHASE, a new dedicated CHameleon Afterglow Search Experiment, will be presented. Future work at Fermilab in this area includes R&D towards a much more sensitive axion-like particle search as well as a new initiative to test for the holographic nature of space time.
Joint EP/PP Seminar
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