TH String Theory Seminar

Craig Lawrie - Integrability in 6D SCFTs

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6D superconformal field theories associated to long generalized quivers have a large R-charge sector; we find evidence that operator mixing in this sector is governed by a 1D spin chain Hamiltonian with operator scaling dimensions controlled by a perturbation series in inverse powers of the R-charge. When the 6D SCFT is rank R (G, G) conformal matter we study a class of operators where the mixing is controlled by the integrable open Heisenberg XXX_s spin chain, with the spin s depending on the particular ADE-type of G. I will review the construction of such 6D SCFTs and how to build the large R-charge operators from the individual conformal matter building blocks, derive the integrable Hamiltonian capturing the operator mixing, determine the anomalous dimensions of one class of operators, and give a variety of future directions in which the putative integrable structure of 6D SCFTs can be tested and explored.