CERN Colloquium

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope: Dark Energy and Exoplanets

by Jason Rhodes

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Remote only


The top recommendation for a large space mission in the US 2010 Decadal Survey was the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (formerly known as WFIRST), which is now on schedule for launch in 2025.  Similarities in hardware requirements between proposed dark energy cosmology, exoplanet microlensing, and near infrared surveyor missions allowed for a single mission that would accomplish all three goals.  The gift of an existing 2.4 meter telescope to NASA by another US government agency allowed for the addition of a coronagraph that will take images and spectra of nearby exoplanets; this instrument will be a technological stepping stone to imaging other Earths in the 2030s.  I will give an overview of Roman's instrumentation, science goals, and implementation plan.
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Wolfgang Lerche / TH-SP