Theory Colloquium

Probing axion-like particles with high-energy astrophysics

by Francesca Calore (LAPTh, CNRS)

Zoom only (CERN)

Zoom only


Axion-like particles (ALPs) are hypothetical pseudo Nambu Goldstone bosons predicted in numerous extensions of the standard model for Particle Physics, and they can represent viable dark matter candidates. Axions and ALPs could be detected through the coupling to photons, which would induce conversion of ALPs into photons and back when travelling through external magnetic fields. In my presentation, I will illustrate how we can leverage on high-energy astrophysics observations of Galactic and extragalactic sources to look for specific imprints of the ALPs-photon coupling over a broad range of wavelengths, from radio to high-energy gamma rays. I will review current constraints on the ALPs parameter space, and provide an outlook on future experiments' sensitivity to ALPs discovery. 

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